Home Repairs based in the Hamptons, NY

A broken pipe or a shattered window can easily ruin anyone’s day. Home repairs can be time-consuming and frustrating to do especially if you aren’t trained. However, if you live in or near the Hamptons, repairs can be as easy as picking up the phone and giving Hampton Construction & Handyman Services, Inc. a call. We are experienced in home repairs and have been operating in the Hamptons, NY for years.

Our home repair services are second to none. We have repaired roofs, walls, sidings, and even kitchen sinks over the years. Our clients have always been pleased with the results, and we hope to extend that level of customer satisfaction to you. Whether your basement has been cracked by simple gravity or if a window was shattered by a mishap, we’re here to make things right.

We work with simple home repairs, as well as large-scale repairs for damage caused by foul weather. Floods, for example, can cause some major damage. Water can seriously corrode siding and wash away protective surfaces. Additionally, objects carried by rushing water can gouge holes in siding and knock down entire walls. It’s no wonder that flood damage insurance is among the most highly sought-after types of insurance. But, we can correct this damage with techniques that have stood the test of time. We can make your property look good as new.

Additionally, our home repairs based in the Hamptons, NY go well with some of the other benefits that our company can offer. If needed, we can reconstruct your entire patio or paint the walls with any color you wish.

For more information, call us at 516-901-7592 or at 631-537-6530. We also have a contact form you can use to ask questions and get free estimates. We can arrange to meet at a time that is convenient for you. Call us today for prices and customer service that just can’t be beaten!